The Fresh Table

The Fresh Table

The Fresh Table – Life Happens Around the Table. Don’t Miss Out!

The Fresh Table – Tuesday at 12:30pm and Saturday at 11:30am

When it comes to being healthy and finding time to cook, a lot of us struggle. It can be intimidating! The Fresh Table exists because we want to help you be confident in the kitchen. Our program doesn’t involve crazy ingredients or complex recipes that only master chefs could make. We teach you how to shop and prepare quick, healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy. We also share a bit about our stories and our lives with you in the hope that, after spending time with us, you’ll feel empowered to make healthy changes in the way you cook. Our heart is to bring back the art of sitting around the table with family and friends, and we hope you enjoy our shows filled with messages of hope, community, and God’s love.

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